You don't need another coffee

You don’t need another coffee.


You don’t need another online course.


You don’t need another strategy to reduce stress.

You don’t need another self-improvement book.

You don’t need to lose weight or buy another beauty product.

What we need are temples of remembrance.

We need real connections between living beings.

We need Brotherhood. Sisterhood. True Friendships.

We need to feel the longing of our souls.


We need walks in the forest.

We need to sing songs around the campfire.

We need to spend more time with our kids.  

Drinking from the pure intelligence of life.


We need stillness.

We need long warm hugs.

We need a gentle massage from a dear one.

We need to share the depths of our hearts.


All you need is to feel the golden glow in your heart.

To hear the still small voice inside you.

That always shares incredible wisdom. 

Never tires but is rarely ever heard.


Lean back in the beauty of the present moment.


And remember.


Welcome to the temple.


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