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What does it take to step up and just do it?

Back from my holidays, I am slowly getting back into work mode again. This summer I have done a few things I am really proud of. I tried a few new activities I’ve always wanted to do but never got round to.

I went kayaking on a beautiful lake.

I slept on a sailing boat and then I learnt how to assist my friend when sailing back home (we were a two women team on the boat!).

I rented a mountain bike and went up the mountain, jumped over rocks and drove through rivers, oh it was so much fun! Until now, cycling has been an activity that simply brought me from A to B and I thought I would be scared going downhill. But I tried it out and discovered that I love it.

I went rock climbing. We spontaneously decided to rent some gear to go mountain climbing a via ferrata for a few days and slept in mountain huts. I always thought I wouldn’t like it too much and I wouldn’t have the nerves for it. Being stuck hanging on a rock and not knowing where to go… Again, I loved the challenge, and, in the end, I felt like a little mountain goat running over the rocks...

And just now I came across a slackline in my friend’s garden and couldn’t stop practicing. I never thought this could be so much fun and such a good yoga practice (yes, yoga can be taken into every moment of your life…).

As I am looking back, my heart is full of joy. There are so many things in life we always want to do and just don’t do. I asked myself:


What did it take to actually step up and just do it?


This is what I discovered:

-       I had wonderful friends supporting and inspiring me. This is a very important one. Getting the support of others is so helpful and encouraging.

-       I just did it. Trying new things, being curious and being surprised by what life has to offer.

-       I watched my mind carefully. When hanging on a rock not knowing how to go forward or backward you can observe very quickly how you start panicking. Staying calm and not believing your scary thoughts helps tremendously. My mantra was “Everything is possible, failing is not an option.”

-       I had the courage to look silly, to not know and to do something I might not be good at straight away. (This is a huge one for me. I always think I should know everything immediately)

-       I was willing to let go of old beliefs and patterns. (I am too old for this, I can’t do it, I am not strong enough, I am scared, this is not for girls…)

-       I took everything step by step.

This is a very important aspect. When I ask my partner how he finds the motivation and strength to hike up a mountain for hours, he tells me that he just takes it step by step. He watches his breath, scans his body and stays in the present moment while walking and climbing. (wow, mountain yoga!). It actually works in every situation in life…

-       Joy, fun and humor were the biggest motivators.

-       Gratitude!!!


So, is there any challenge you need to take soon you need support for?


Currently, I am coaching wonderful individuals who are courageously stepping up to create lasting change in their lives.

For example:

-       Someone who is very nervous about starting a new job at a radio station -       Someone who always thought she wasn’t smart enough just took her exams to go to medical school 

-       Someone who wants to face a difficult divorce peacefully and gracefully, from a place of power and also discover what a wonderful new life might look like

-       Someone who overcame deep depression to go back to her dream of becoming a yoga teacher

-       Someone who has just discovered she can put down her old belief that “life has to be a fight”, trust her intuition and capacity to create the life of her dreams.


Wow, I always dreamed of having a job that helps make the world a better place…


So, what kind of challenge do you need support with? I can’t wait to hear from you!


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