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About me

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Esther Greter


Namasté, i'm Esther.


A passionate yogini, life loving optimist, big thinking visionary and your coach.


I recognize, celebrate and support your true greatness and beauty. And I empower you to become the best version of yourself and make your wildest dreams come true!


You're important. You're brave. You're right just as you are.


The world needs your dreams and vision.


My great passion is to open spaces for people to discover themselves, to dive deep into their spiritual practice, to shatter all limits in order to live their full potential.

As a social anthropologist, I am especially interested in exploring new forms of living in community and in creating a new culture of mindfulness, love and respect.

How has it happened that again and again I look at my life hardly believing my eyes?


I was born in a little village in Switzerland. There, for as long as I can remember, I was fascinated by our mere existence on this earth. I wanted to know what brought us here and what the secret of a happy and fulfilled life is.                


I spent my childhood on the back of a horse. The horses taught me about social behaviour, team work, connection and boundaries. I was constantly experimenting and researching: how could such a small human being with so little power create a harmonious collaboration with these wild and unpredictable animals?

As soon as I was old enough to earn my own money I set off to travel. My curiosity and the call of my heart brought me to the most amazing places and gave me the most incredible experiences.

But my life was not always colorful and happy. There were very dark times in which I could see no sense. The longing for something bigger, for fulfillment, for awakening almost crushed me. I was looking for something but I didn’t know for what. I felt lost and I couldn’t see what might light my way.


I felt an incredible call to bring my gifts to this world and to change the world but I had no idea how.

I remember deadly hours in the office when I was bored to death and very desperate because I knew I had so many more important things to do.

Loneliness, sadness, dissatisfaction and the shame of feeling all these were dominant in my life. My heart wanted to be heard. I had so much to give. But nobody saw me.

Frauen Coach Bern

I invested all my money and time into coaching, trainings, courses and programs with people who inspired me and who had great methods to support me. This led me to the most incredible places, inside and outside. My heart never let me rest and even today, it is my biggest motivation and inspiration. I always found a solution and manifested whatever I was longing for.


There were times in my life when I hardly got any sleep because I  juggling three jobs. Or I had to get my “I’ll find a solution for everything” magic bag out to fly to California next week, to be part of an incredible project that in reality is far too expensive and for which I don’t really have time.

My work developed out of all the learnings I garnered from thousands of hours of trainings, retreats, coachings, self-inquiry and my own experience with teachers and masters all over the world.  I am inspired by Chameli Ardagh, Shantimayi, Angela Farmer, Sahajananda, Mooji, Claire Zammit, Guy and Katie Hendricks, Katherine Woodward Thomas and many more.

I so look forward to sharing these pearls of wisdom with you to help you transform and to show you how to recognize your visions and create the life of your dreams!

I hope that one day we can look back together at a happy and fulfilled life and rub our eyes in amazement….   


Currently, I live in Bern, Switzerland where I am part of a community which explores new ways of living. I see my entire life of a field of exploration, the world as an incredible mystery and my life as a gift that I can celebrate and love every day anew.   



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