• Esther Greter
  • Wylerringstrasse 36 • 3014 Bern

On authenticity

My FB feed is flooded with pictures of happy,  smiling people on the beach that say: “Do you want to be like me? Just do this or that and life will be wonderful…”

This really makes me wonder.

We all show our wonderful pictures and share our successes.

I certainly don’t want to judge or offend anyone.

I love positivity and I love to be inspired by all of you.

I simply ask myself, is this the whole story?

What about our shitty days?

What about moments of sadness and fear?

Where are those?

Don’t we put pressure on ourselves if we just show up with these shiny glittery pictures and hide other parts of ourselves?


Can I free myself of any pressure of having to be like this or that?

Can I embrace the entire range of feelings and emotions?

Can I let go of comparison and judgement?

Can I love every little part of myself?  

Can I cherish moments of rage and anger?

Can I find the treasure in my sadness?

Can I free all the dark hidden corners of myself?

Can I show myself as I am and be part of a real, honest and authentic world?


Let’s put down our masks. It’s time for us to bathe in the beauty of ourselves and gift the world with our uniqueness.


Let’s water and nourish the garden of our being, so every flower blossoms and charms the world’s senses with her scent.


Finding happiness is not about running after a certain state or lifestyle.

It is about being fully yourself.

Stand in the rawness of life.

Let go of any expectations without losing sight of your vision.

Step forward and be visible even if you are trembling of fear.


Fully accept. Every Moment. As it is.



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