Holistic Dance Language

A weekend immersion into Sacred Dance for Women       with Zola Dubnikova


Pleasurable embodiment, diverse physicality, subtle body language, ritual movement and inner alchemy are the main elements of the holistic dance language curriculum.


We take a journey to open our hearts, connect to our pelvis, to the earth and to our voice. We access deep softness, grace and potent strength. We release blocked energy, and build inner power. We learn a unique vocabulary of movement, mudra and subtle energetic principles.


Though a combination of slowed inner listening, breath/sound work, focused practice, and liberating trance-inducing movement, we bring our prayers to the physical world, planting the seeds of our intentions within every cell of our bodies. In a space where only women are present, a unique safety exists enabling us to go deeper.


Informed by ancient tradition, seeped in contemporary somatic/body science, infused with movement medicine and immersed in sacred dance inspired across time and worlds, the practices revive our hidden (forgotten) abilities, creating pathways of remembrance in the body.


Through the practices, we have the power of complete metamorphosis at our fingertips. The earth-based foundational work guides us to trust the ground beneath us more, deepen our roots and “fly” from a supported place.


Zola Dubnikova

International Dance artist Zola Dubnikova specialises in sacred dance, fire arts, ritual for women and holistic movement education. Currently based in Israel where she runs her own dance school and directs her company, (El Ha’Ela Ritual Dance Ensemble), Zola’s diverse experience performing and teaching worldwide is informed by an education spanning across many worlds over more than two decades. Her immersions into : Sufi whirling traditions inspired by dervishes of the Mevlavi order, the dances of the Orixas during her travels in Brazil, the snake charming gypsy dances of Rajasthan when travelling with the nomadic Khalbelia tribe of India, the roots of Andalucinian flamenco when she lived and studied under masters in the legendary cuevas of Southern Spain, her Initiation into the Ancient Classical Odissi Temple dance lineage when living in Orissa(India) , contemporary dance training, healing arts background and sacred dance aesthetic gives her a rich well from which to make her offerings. 

Bridging contemporary movement science, healing inner practices and mystical movement drawn across time and worlds, Zola’s unique holistic dance language- method is sought out worldwide - she performs, give seminars and offers workshops across the world. After seeing the many ways in which women can be disenfranchised from their personal power and divinity in so many ways, in many parts of the world, Zola is particularly devoted to using healing forms of dance to guide women in reconnecting to their divine source. She believes in the power of dance to heal and uplift humanity.



The art of reincarnating in the same body” ... I read it somewhere, and I feel this phrase represents exactly what we experience the last days, during this magical Alchemystic Dance journey, guided by Zola Dubnikova... a beautiful soul & powerful Priestess of the New Era.”

-Areti Karntzikou, Crete (Greece)


“Zola, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It was amazing to see you you embody the sacred feminine. You have inspired me to keep dancing and reconnecting with my soul through my body. And to live, dance, and give from the heart. I’ll always keep you in my heart. Thank you! I’m really looking forward to seeing you again in NYC! Next time for a bigger and longer workshop!”

-Natalie Zuniga Gogny, NY


“Zola gave us so much love and such a wonderful experience - Dancing in trance, feeling alive, energy moving up and down the body, amazingly connected, beautiful music, feminine movements, grace and beauty.... Feminine Energy is unbelievable magic and powerful! Expressing yourself as a woman and not holding back your emotions is very healing… not only for yourself but the whole planet and universe. And for men as well. I love the power of feminine awakening! ...My personal experience from this workshop is very very powerful and amazing!! In the first few weeks after the workshop i couldn’t even put it into words. I was feeling so alive and cried tears of happiness. It was so soul-nourishing, heart-warming and beautiful to dance and get instructed by Zola with her warm and kind personality...

- Aisha La Luke, Switzerland


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